Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion!
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Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion Spain!
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Codecentric Lab

codecentric – the experts for successful software projects. As an expert in custom software development, the codecentric AG one of the leading companies for agile software development and innovative technologies in Germany. Being a precursor is one of the fundamental values of codecentric. We develop software solutions for the future. Everyone of our 150 employees in each of our six locations in Germany and Europe has to fulfil this claim.

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Can we ship a working product from the first hour to the last hour? Are we really that agile? Can we run our agile practices to the max?

In this workshop, we are going to explore agile practices such as TDD and Pair Programming. We will work in small teams and create an application, that is shippable from the very first minute. We will use Continuous Integration to ensure the quality of our product. The application will be continuously deployed in the cloud and will be usable by everybody.

The application space is JavaScript, node.js and Neo4j. The Continuous Integration infrastructure will be set up beforehand to allow each team to focus on building the application itself. The only thing we ask, is that you contribute working code.

Prerequesites: Computer Science basics (CS 101) are sufficient for this session. Some JavaScript knowledge is helpful, but not necessary. The infrastructure is provided in the form of VirtualBox images, so please ensure that you have the latest version of VirtualBox on your machine.MICHAEL LEX

He is an agile software developer at codecentric, where he is working with Java and Spring, but also (J)Ruby and Groovy. His focus is on test automation (ranging from unit-testing to integration- and acceptance-testing) and the various tools and frameworks supporting it. In his spare time, he is keen on learning and using new technologies and programming languages.


Ben is a developer at codecentric AG, with a passion for lightweight architectures and processes. Working in enterprise environments, he is pushing new and state of the art technologies. Ben further improved visualisations of software architecture decisions and biological networks graphs through his enthusiasm for open source and is nowadays working on data synchronisation. You can find Ben near Düsseldorf, in a small town called Büderich.


Saturday, 10.00 – 13.0o