Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion!
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Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion Spain!
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Fraunhofer Lab

webinos is an EU funded project aiming to deliver a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices. The webinos project has over twenty partners from across Europe spanning academic institutions, industry research firms, software firms, handset manufacturers and automotive manufacturers.

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Trainer: Alexander Futasz, Shanshan Yang and Robert Kleinfeld

This workshop offers an insight in the development of multiscreen applications with the webinos project. webinos is an open source platform that connects user’s devices securely and allows Web-based applications to run and use services and resources across different domains such as mobile, desktop, home media, in-car infotainment and Internet of Things (IoT). In ahands-on, practical workshop participants will learn how interoperability with other device types and platforms can be fostered and how multiscreen application development can be eased.

1. Introduction: The first part of the workshop will consists of a brief introduction to the webinos project, as well as the demonstration of multiscreen applications that are developed with webinos APIs.

2. Installation: The next part involves installing and running the webinos open source platform.

3. webinos App Development: The main part of the workshop deals with developing webinos applications based on webinos APIs such as Widget API, Discovery API, Messaging API and Device Orientation API. Application development can sound like a daunting task. Fortunately, creating a webinos application is surprisingly simple. Therefore we will start with a simple “hello world” application. On this basis we will learn how much more sophisticated webinos applications can be through use of webinos APIs, as defined in the API specifications.

4. Multiscreen Applications: As a highlight we will create a simple multiscreen application live during the workshop, demonstrating that developing multiscreen applications does not require a complete rethinking of traditional development workflows. Afterwards, we will briefly look at how developers can benefit from the webinos open source platform targeted on multiscreen applications


Please check out informations about participant requirements and recommendations. For further information please contact Robert Kleinfeld:


Saturday, 11.05.2013 – hrs 14.00 – 16.00