Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion!
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Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion Spain!
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OpenTechSchool: Web App Development w/Django and Python
OTS Coaches: Haiko Schol, Simon Kerr, Nicco Kunzmann, Stephan Klinger, Jose Quesada


Django is an open-source web framework written in Python that focuses on quick development and clean, pragmatic design. In this workshop you will learn Django’s basic principles by creating a bookmark application similar to Delicious or Pinboard.

To make the best out of this workshop, you should have a basic understanding of Python or another object-oriented language. You will also need to bring your own laptop with a recent version of Python (2.6 or 2.7) installed. If you have a recent Mac or Linux, it is pre-installed, so you are covered. If you are running Windows, please let the organizers know in advance (at so they can help you set it up.

Haiko Schol
Since learning to code with BASIC, Haiko has used many different programming languages. He is especially fond of Python, due to the balance between elegance and pragmatism in both the language itself and its community.
Nicco Kunzmann
I am currently studying IT-Systems-Engineering and have liked Python for about 8 years. My current goal is to make it easier for Python-beginners to create multiplayer games.
Simon Kerr
Simon Kerr holds a BSc in applied mathematics from Paris University (Pierre et Marie Curie) and has been involved in web programming and open source since 2000, when he joined Paris based software editor and open source pioneer Aurora (now a division of Business & Decision Group). He has been using Django for a year or so, building small scale CMSs, and loves Python's clean code and brevity.
Stephan Klinger
Stephan is working as a webdeveloper and webadmin. He uses Python at work and for projects besides work and likes this programming language a lot.
Jose Quesada
Jose is a data scientist working with predictive models in ecommerce: modeling when someone is going to buy, and how much. This is useful to calculate customer lifetime value, segment population, and offer them deals. He's also very interested in acquiring programming skills in an optimal way.



Thursday, 9th May 2013


HTW - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Wilhelminenhofstraße 75A - Berlin





The workshop will be in english


4 Hours

Previous Knowledge

Basic understanding of Python or another object-oriented language




You will receive a Workshop certificate of participation.


For further information please contact us here: